Time Management Tips for Sales Professionals

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August 10, 2021 0 Comments

In a commercial real estate agency, the time Management discipline is critical to both your personal success as well as your conversions of new clients. Every day you must do the right things that drive the right results.

The average working day for sales professionals in the industry is very busy. You have to do many things and you do them all very well.

Here are some ideas to help you to plan your day as a real estate agent or salesperson:

The agent or salesperson that works well under control, and with a schedule is the agent that is more successful in the industry. Practicing good time management will help you get the results. Set an internal time frame of 2 to 3 hours and stick to the discipline of the 2 or 3 hours. Reg Suspend or interrupt the time frame if you need the session.

Here are some rules for working in your office and your agency as a salesperson:

Research your market absolutely so you know exactly who your competition is in the local area and what strategies they are using. You do this through internet listing services, property listings on the go, and direct mail. You then get a finer understanding of the types of properties and people that buyers and sellers look at.

A schedule to meters to reports to the board requires written instructions then responded to in a timely way.

Do the follow-up on your time management and your schedule in the all-important 2 or 3 hours prime time. You need a place to get back to, to the council, to other board members, and to the client or business involved. You absolutely must have time to respond to everyone that contacts you. The only reason you do not get calls back is that you did not respond!

Track all of your meetings, listings, and inspections so they know that you are using them correctly and you will respond to the activities of the client in a timely way. They must know you are on task and focused on the required task.

Try using a simple chart for each of the activities on your list. Your day will be outlined by your activity boxes. Every box should be significant in the action that you took. If you do not like the standard chart, then just create your own chart that starts at the top and moves down through the stages of your activity tracker. You will find that charting is quite an enjoyable task. It also allows you to stay on task on your tasks.

Always have a reason for the extra time in your time management plan. Work out what is the highest priority that requires attention today. That will become the main reason for doing the activity. The other items that could fall into this category are usually47%of your time in prospecting activities, 52% of your time in communications, 48% of your time in inspecting listings, and 30% of your time in negotiating deals.

Pay to get any job done and get the process started quickly. As a salesperson, hold off on listing ads for a fortnight or two so you are getting the work out of the way. Most properties will sell or I do not know why, after you have listed the property. The client will then want to see the property. Pain is ventured in many sales, and the frustrating point is in the signed contract or the signed contract is not signed before you can get the deal done. Know your numbers so you know your time. It is precious to you in that process.